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anti aging facials
 Different  and extra strong anti aging  treatments, deeply customized, based on very new phytocosmetic extract  and caviar extract. From €60 to € 80.  info at the front desk


Orange flowers treatments
euro 85 - 60 minutes 
Immerse your body and mind in lime, sandalwood and vanilla scents. Enjoy a soothing foot bath, energizing scrub and a total body masque with algae, ginger and rhum powder. this is followed by a mango butter mas-sage which will relax and nourish your body. Your stress will melt away. 
Face treatments and beauty rituals
euro 45-55 - 60 minutes 
All of our face and body treatments are based on essential oils, botanical extracts, and natural ingredients. Mist an hydrating facial procedure quiet for sensitive skin and spider veins energia e depurant for oily, acne-prone and blemished skin. Wellage for mature and ag-ing skin.
Deep cleansing
 CUSTOMIZED FACIAL euro 60€ - 60 minutes  
Young  facial cleansing euro 45   
Natural clays and essential oils for customized cleansing.
For complete skin renewal and deep relaxation. 

Also available radiofrequency multipolar, deep transdermal absorption, micropatting, ultrasound  and Oxygen ozone  treatments.
Oxigen-Ozone face treatment
 Oxigen-ozone  face treatment to revitalize and care serious acne situation. Specific serum applied

20 mi n 50€  face cleansing comprehensive
Customized facial
euro 50-60 - 45-60 min
These are based on pure essences such as rose, jasmine, and sandalwood and customized to your skin’s unique needs. You will experience deep cleansing, exfoliation, a face massage and a masque, as well as a complimentary hand or foot. 
Body treatments
euro 70 - 60 minutes / euro 85 - 90 minutes / euro 100 - 120 minutes 
Scrubs, mud or algae packs, wraps mixed with the proper essences and botanical extracts to cleanse and shape your body. Series suggested. 
The treatment program varies according to the season.
Aromatic massages
euro 65 55 min
 euro 35 30 minutes (
Your choice of one area: back, legs, or feet)
Various techniques of massage are performed using  essential oils for relaxation, relief from bloat, and soothe sore muscles, depending on your needs.
Lymphodrainage available. 
Waxing services
from euro 5 to 55 
Example: bikini euro 25 / complete legs euro 35  / BRAZILIAN 30 -35€
We use vegetable wax with melissa and a special lavender hard wax for delicate areas. 
. Details in reception, please ask staff for pricing. 
from euro 28 to 33 - 75 minutes
Spa pedicure with aromatic foot bath, hot towels, and exfoliation with Philip Martin's products. 
from euro 17
Classic manicure with nail polish or bee's wax.
And plus...
euro 10 
Trattamenti  di bellezza per mani e piedi in aggiunta ai servizi.  ( peeling maschere bagni d’olio) 
Make up application
euro 20 
All natural mineral makeup! Gló mineral is good for all types of skin. Once you try it, you’ll love it. 
Make up Lessons + application
euro 40 - 60 minutes. 
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